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Media Workshops Wyróżniony

We've come back sun-tanned, happy and tired. We've been through a natural disaster, equatorial temperatures and an invasion of Kazimierz' gypsy women. But now a camcorder, a camera, Photoshop and methods of propaganda are no longer alien to us.

First of all, a big thanks to our sponsor: 'idź Pod Prąd" monthly for making it possible to organize the media workshops Your Move 2012!

We'd also like to thank our experts: Monika Dąbrowska, Danka Wolak, Wacek Klemp, Marcin Rzońca and, last but not least, Łukasz Mądrzejewski for their commitment and loads of knowledge and patience.

Here's the gallery of the workshop participants. A story filmed under Marcin's tutelage, a clip about the workshops from the inside and tutorials prepared by experts are coming soon. Stay in the swim!

And one more thing. Dear Vectors! Thank you for the marvellous concert, inspiration, determination and for everything (the guys came to Kazimierz from the seaside!) Visit Mikołaj and Wojtek's vlog: http://www.youtube.com/user/wektorzy.

We have started. Next workshops in September!

(Send your opinions, commentaries, ideas etc.)

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