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Your Move Foundation is a partner of Linum Foundation from Hungary in the IVF project!

Fundacja Twój Ruch jest partnerem węgierskiej Fundacji Linum w projekcie "Active Citizenship" wspieranym przez Międzynarodowy Fundusz Wyszehradzki.

Międzynarodowa konferencja, seminaria, obrady odbędą się 5-6 września 2013 w Budapeszcie.

The international conference, roud table sessions and debates will take place in Budapest 5-6 September 2013.

Your Move Foundation is a partner of Linum Foundation from Hungary in the IVF project ‘Active Citizenship, Visegrad and Central Europe’.


Considering that Active citizenship is an essential prerequisite to a good functioning democratic society, this IVF supported project provides an excellent framework for those who want to act.


The main goals of the project are:
• Sharing NGO’s experiences and introducing best practices;
• Increasing public attention to the Visegrad cooperation;
• Motivating citizens to act and to cooperate for better understanding;
• Spreading both the Visegrad and the Central European idea,
• Contributing to positive developments in our countries.

Linum organization in Hungary is leading a consortium of organizations from Visegrad and non-Visegrad countries, which are eager to spread the Visegrad and Central European idea, etc. The project has a life span of one month and will be taking part in Hungary, Budapest.

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