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Scandal! An attempt to call off a debate!

An exceptional science debate between creationists and evolutionists” under the title “Where did we come into being, as a coincidence or a project?” has been prepared for a few months. In a debate, scheduled for May 28, the following professors are to take part: Professor Andrew McIntosh, Engineering Department, Leeds University, Professor Stephen Taylor, Electrical Engineering and Electronics Department, University of Liverpool, Professor Michał Ginter, Geology Department, Warsaw University, Professor Konrad Talmont-Kamiński, Psychology Department, University of Finance and Management in Warsaw, Philosophy and Sociology Department, University of Marie-Curie Sklodowska in Lublin.

The debate has been prepared by academic students’ associations, a foundation and a students’ organization, all of whom took a great care to make sure that all standards necessary for such a debate will be met. For instance, the invited professors have a similar position in their respective academic circles, they have been informed well in advance and a venue at university was booked with the proper consent of the dean’s office.

Unfortunately, the UMCS authorities, whose students and PhD students are organizing the debate, have behaved in a way that is an affront to any sense of decency and academic fairness. Six days before the planned debate we received an official letter from Professor Kazimierz Trebacz, dean of the Biology and Biotechnology Department. In the letter he wants the debate to be called off claiming that… he had not been informed about it.

You can follow the goings-on concerning the debate on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/858432530897589/. We will keep you posted on the course of this embarrassing conflict. The creationist professors are coming to Lublin anyway but the question where to hold the debate is yet to be answered.

On behalf of the organizers,

Eunika Chojecka, PhD
Your Move Foundation spokesperson
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